Better Your Health.

Track medications & supplements 💊, sleep 🛌, productivity 💻, heart rates, exercise ⚽, and happiness 😊 from yourself and multiple wearables (FitBit, Garmin, RescueTime).

Free and Private

Access through your phone, tablet or computer. iOS and Android coming soon. BetterSelf is free, forever. Nobody has access to your data.

Personalized Analytics

Best in class financial algorithms and tools applied to your health. See what your best days have in common.

Electronic Journaling

Ever wonder what medications you took last year? How much coffee you drank a year ago? Or much sleep you got last week? Now you can.


"Just Be Better". Advice from awful micro-managers. Some features to actually help.


TL;DR— I got frustrated at tracking supplements, so I made an app for me, me in five years (it's easy to forget what supplements I've taken), & the quantified-self community.


Please feel free to contact for feature requests.

Open Sourced

Open source has taught me everything I know. I'm building BetterSelf in the open (as much as possible).